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Support Groups

Cancervive provide a network of support groups especially for those whose family, friends or colleagues who are cancer suffers.

Cancervive support groups are categorised as follows:

  • Group 1:
    is for anyone who knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or who has undergone treatment and not yet recovered
  • Group 2:
    is for those whose loved one’s treatment has not proved to be successful and, who are having to come to terms with the difficult outcome
  • Group 3:
    is for those who are dealing with bereavement due to cancer

At each support group meeting there is the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings, in a supportive and caring atmosphere.

Further, at every meeting is attended by two representatives from Cancervive, at least one of whom will have been in a similar situation to yours.

If you would like more information on our support group availability, times and locations, please contact us on 01273 834912, or e-mail us at