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Why did this happen to me?

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    Hi friends

    Over the years I have lost twelve family members to cancer, including my mother (Who died 12 years ago) and my father who lived in Canada (3 years ago) plus I have had (and recovered from) prostate cancer. I sometimes wonder why did this happen to me. I have found cancer is a roller coaster ride and not an enjoyable one either. Seeing my mother who was a fit healthy independent minded woman slowly go downhill to a point where she was bed ridden was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I found as a patient I felt at least I had some control over how I felt.

    I don’t know why this all happened to me but some good has come out of it all. It has taught me how precious life is and had given me a much greater appreciation of the simple little things in life I used to take so much for granted. I am determined to enjoy what time I have left and to be more kind to people. Until we have been through the situations I’ve been through we don’t know how strong we are and it has I believe made me a better person, Rainbow

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