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Charles Peal
Trustee/ Committee Member
Nevil Perryman-Best
I became friends with Paul and Helene over the last couple of years as I have been giving them both golf lessons, during this time I have learnt of the work their Cancervive charity is doing to support people whose family or friends are suffering from cancer. As someone who has lost a family member I was keen to learn more. Having attended their annual AGM I was asked to become a trustee and accepted, I hope I can now offer my support through fundraising, raising the profile of the charity through my work connections and social media and in any other way I can. I look forward to joining a great team of people doing equally great work
Brian Campion
Trustee/ Committee member
The main reason I decided to join the charity is because having lost several family members to cancer plus having had it myself, I want ti try and help other people travelling the roller coaster ride that is cancer.
Ian Newitt
I joined Cancervive as a trustee because I believe wholeheartedly in the whole ethos that lies behind what the charity is trying to achieve. Having lost family and friends to Cancer it gives one a new perspective on how charties such as this have a very important role to play at all stages of the illness, and being able to help in anyway is something that I am prepared to do.
Helene Huggett
After hearing the success stories I wanted to be part of this charity and I am proud to be a member of this devoted team.